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Excessive REM Sleep


Rapid eye movement or REM is one of the stages of the sleeping process. Excessive REM sleep has been linked to depression and lack of motivation. While dream sleep is important to our overall health and mental state, excessive REM sleeping is not healthy at all.  In most cases, it can and should be controlled with medication.

In fact, a disruption or change in the dream sleep pattern can also cause depression because it agitates the autonomic nervous system. Research has shown that it may even lead to Bipolar disorder. Excessive rapid eye movement can also be an indication of Narcolepsy.

We do not get our rest during rapid eye movement sleep stage. We get our rest during our deepest sleep. Therefore, if you are experiencing an extreme amount of dream sleep, you are not getting the full amount of rest that you need. We are not relaxed during REM sleep, even though it appears that we are. This is why many people do not feel fully rested after a night of sleep – no matter how many hours they spent sleeping.

Again, medication can be prescribed to alleviate extreme REM. Consult you’re your healthcare professional to learn more. Extreme REM patterns can also be eliminated by avoiding sleeping during the day. Even if you feel like you need a nap, it is best to stay awake until you are ready to get a full eight hours of rest.

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