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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Constant and Continual Exhaustion

There are generally two opinions on the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. Some believe that it is strictly a mental condition as the symptoms are difficult to measure and they are continual. However, the World Health Organization has defined the condition as a neural disorder. Chronically fatigued syndrome is most common in women 30 to 50 years of age and has symptoms such as constant tiredness, lack of alertness and exhaustion. Also continual depression can be another symptom of the condition.

Chronic Fatigue-Constant Exhaustion

There are neural and hormonal imbalances associated with the condition that add to the discomfort as they cause the individual to be chronically fatigued due to the resulting insomnia and lack of sleep. There is some evidence that continual stress and overwork over the years contribute to the chronic fatigued condition and perhaps certain lifestyle choices such as unhealthy eating can make you chronically fatigued as well.

Unfortunately the condition has evaded a cure or treatment up to this point in time however there are several suggestions offered by medical professionals. Lead a balanced life in order to avoid the risk of certain triggers of the condition such as overwork and stress. Also make a strong effort to eat a proper and balanced diet. Interestingly enough these life balance suggestions include having a supportive family life.

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