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The Legal Issues Regarding Obstructive Sleep Apnea Are Unfortunately Complex
Know Your Right's


It's hard to imagine that we would ever need the law on our sides regarding sleep disorder issues! But the truth is, there are some real hard-hitting legal issues regarding sleep apnea and snoring - especially issues surrounding health insurance coverage. On one hand, some institutions refuse to acknowledge obstructive sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, snoring, or insomnia as a serious medical health problem, while on the other hand, other institutions refuse to give its victims the same access to privileges seemingly granted to its non-victims.

For example, most medical health insurance companies will not cover the costs of cpap treatment or cpap cure up front. Instead, patients are required to pay for these expensive machines out of pocket first, and then apply for reimbursement. Those of us who don't suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, but instead, some other illness, don't usually have to jump through these kinds of hoops to get treatment. Yet in other cases, obstructive sleep apnea patients need to hire out costly legal services and fight for reimbursement in arbritation.

Fortunately, there are legal protection agencies regarding health insurance companies and they fight on your behalf (if this is one of your own issues). These agencies are tightly focused on fighting for the rights of sleep apnea victims, and their services range from watching medical insurance programs to defending obstructive sleep apnea as a disability.

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