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Melatonin Was Banned
Melatonin is Available by Prescription Only in Many European Countries and Canada Due To Regulatory Concerns

Melatonin was banned for over the counter use in many European countries and more recently in Canada.  Why was melatonin banned is a question many people ask when researching sleep products. A ban was put on melatonin because of fears that viruses could be transmitted through animal products that are used in the manufacturing process.  In the United States, the FDA, or Food and Drug Administration regulate drugs.  However, the FDA does not consider melatonin a drug.  Therefore, it is not regulated and tested.  The melatonin that is sold in grocery stores and health food stores are mostly supplements.  This means the sleep products are not tested and do not have to meet FDA requirements.

A ban on the dietary supplements will likely not occur in the United States, as there are few side effects that are reported from the drug.  Many people use melatonin to help promote sleep.  Some people used to use tryptophan until it was banned.  Tryptophan was banned after some complications when using the drug that were sometimes lethal.  Although tryptophan was banned, many people in the United Stated found the drug effective in helping them sleep.  However, the FDA banned the drug in 1991.  For those people, they have often moved to sleep products and supplements like melatonin.  People who have tested this as sleep products have found that the supplements help them sleep with few, if any, side effects.  Some who have tested it feel groggy if they are not able to get a minimum of eight hours sleep, though.

The ban on tryptophan has given melatonin a new popularity with people who have sleep disorders.  People in the United States are still able to get melatonin products over the counter but those who are in countries where there is a ban can only get it with a prescription from a licensed physician.  People who are having trouble falling asleep should consult a doctor before taking any type of supplement to aid in sleep especially if there are other medications that are being taken as there may be reactions with drug combinations.

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