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Hypothyroid and Insomnia


Hypothyroid and insomnia have been linked as possible causes for sleep problems.  Insomnia and hypothyroidism can be shown by symptoms of insomnia, weight loss and fatigue.  Hypothyroidism is a disease that is not uncommon and can be treated with medication.  People with hypothyroid issues often get treatment which will help deal with the insomnia symptoms as well as weight loss and fatigue.  If these symptoms of fatigue, weight loss and insomnia are present, you may want to get tested for hypothyroidism.  Treatment for hypothyroidism may alleviate insomnia and other sleep problems that may be present.

Anyone with a hypothyroid issue may find the hypothyroid problem also affects sleep.  Treatment for the underlying problem may take care of the related sleep problems without having to take additional medication.  If you have any of the conditions, check with your physician so the doctor can conduct a thorough examination and take tests to see if there may be a thyroid problem that is causing sleepless nights.  Once the cause is found, your doctor will recommend a course of treatment so that you can start enjoying life again and functioning better in society with a fill night of rest.  Without a full night of rest, you may not be able to conduct yourself like normal in your day to day activities and might jeopardize work, school or family obligations.

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